Rules and Protocol

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To be clear, the Gynarchy Governance takes consent very seriously and those slaves who are privileged enough to be granted attendance, will have their individual limits honoured. Punishments can and will be issued when they are required, although this does not mean you must be into pain or a masochist to attend. Punishment can be creative, imaginative and take many forms.

That being said there are certain expectations of each attending slave that are non negotiable as we feel at The Governance these are essential for the ideology of the event. These are:

– you must embrace the high protocol instructions of the weekend (more details below)

– you must follow the instructions and commands from the attending Mistresses without hesitation or question

– you must be comfortable being naked in front of other men, and remain naked for the majority of the event unless adorned with additional clothing by the attending Ladies

– you must sleep both evenings in an 8 foot long cage (padded base, with bedding provided) that will be locked upon “bed time” and unlocked again in the morning (the room of cages will be supervised and all caged slaves will have a supply of drinking water as well as facilities to urinate)

– you must be okay eating your meals from a dog bowl once permitted to eat

– you must be okay wearing a collar at all times, unless removed by a Mistress for games / events

High Protocol Expectations

  • All slaves will address and respond to all attending Ladies as “Mistress” unless advised otherwise
  • All slaves are to keep their eyes directed downwards when in the presence of Ladies unless advised otherwise
  • All slaves are not permitted to use or sit on furniture 
  • All slaves that wish to speak out must first raise their hand and wait for permission