Frequently asked questions

Please refer to this section regularly for important updates and frequently asked questions.

  • How was Gynarchy Governance brought about?

Gynarchy Governance was inspired by Mistress Michelle Lacy’s Order of Indomitus event which She runs in the USA. Mistress Tess attended this in 2018 and the Female led environment inspired Her resulting in Gynarchy Governance being born – a high protocol a Female Domination event brought to the U.K.

  • Will there be an opportunity to serve a particular lady if desired?

Slaves will be allocated to a specific Lady for parts of the event who will become their Owner for that part. Allocation of the slaves will be controlled by the Mistresses, however if you have a desire to serve a specific Lady then make sure this is clear on your application form and this may be taken into account. Ultimately there are no guarantees though.

  • Will my discretion be assured?

slaves will not be identified by their specific names during the event but rather slave tags and identifiers which will be issued by the Mistresses. This will be done in line with your role as a slave but will also provide discretion throughout the event. Any details shared on the application form will be treated with the utmost discretion.

  • Will my particular interest / fetish be catered for?

The exact nature of the play and games during the event will be decided by the Mistresses, particularly the Mistress to whom you have been assigned. There is a specific section on the application form to share your interests and fetishes which will be shared with the Mistresses. This will be considered when slaves are being allocated and each Mistress will also consider this during play sessions. Rest assured that your limits will be respected.

  • Can I attend for the day / part of the event?

It is possible to attend for a minimum of the first 24 hours rather than the full weekend of 48 hours if you feel that the full weekend will be too overwhelming. Although the tribute remains the same, no negotiations.

  • Where is the event being held?

The event will be held in an exclusive discrete English manor in the countryside located in South of England. The exact location will be disclosed post acceptance of your application.

  • Will any of the event be filmed or photographed at all?

There will be professional photography during the event for promotional picture purposes and also filming by individual Mistresses for their personal fan sites. No filming or photography will be done without the expressed permission of slaves. Masks and hoods will also be made available as required.

  • Are there any specific restrictions on age or people who can apply?

The only limit on age is 18 years and above to ensure compliance with the law. Outside of this there are no restrictions. All ages, 18 and above are welcome to apply as are all types of slave – sissies, submissive et al.

  • I have paid the application fee, does this secure my place in the event?

The £20 (non-refundable) application fee needs to be submitted at the same time as the application. It does not guarantee a place at the event but rather secures your application. Any place in the event will only be secured when the application has been confirmed as successful by Mistress Tess and the deposit has been received.

  • What is the tribute for the event?

Specific details of the tribute, how to pay it and potential payment plans are on the ‘Tribute’ page of this website.

  • I have limited or no experience as a slave – is this a problem?

This is not necessarily a specific problem but you will need to attend a service orientated session and discussion with Mistress Tess prior to the event to confirm suitability and compatibility with the event.

  • I am a new / lifestyle domme and would like to attend for experience- is this possible?

New and lifestyle Dommes are welcome to attend the event to grow in experience, free of charge at the discretion of the event organiser Mistress Tess. You may contact Mistress Tess via the email tab found on Her individual website to discuss.