Friday 6th May – Sunday 8th May 2022

The Gynarchy Governance event celebrates all that is Female led. A celebration of Female form, thinking and lifestyle. The event provides a sanctum of Matriarchy. Where men may apply to spend the weekend immersed in a full high protocol environment, to be guided by the superior Female hand.

Gynarchy Governance is a weekend focusing upon the service of the attending Mistresses wants and needs. To gift them your submission for a weekend of Female Domination, held in a large private country residence in the South of England.

The Gynarchy Governance has been inspired by Mistress Tess’ visit to Michelle Lacy’s amazing event in Florida last year “Order of Indomitus” – where Mistress Michelle selects a group of Dominant Women to attend a weekend of Female Dominance and men are trained in complete service to Women. Realising the UK doesn’t host such an event or opportunity for slaves to be fully immersed in a Matriarchy style weekend escape, Mistress Tess is bringing Her own vision of a Female Dominance weekend to life in the form of Gynarchy Governance.

In this Gynarchic realm you have no rights. You will be stripped of your status. Stripped of your clothes and stripped of your name. Reduced to nothing more than the subservient role that you were born to embrace. The role that you’ve known to be right throughout your life. Make No mistake, the Female word is final in this sanctum. A Gynarchy utopia.

Embrace your position and be rewarded. Fail to meet our standards, be prepared for the consequences, no matter how severe. Punishment is an essential part of slave training.

The weekend will be governed by eight of the finest Female Dominants from both the UK and internationally.

You will be chattel to the Ladies, a useful commodity for their use or perhaps amusement. Fulfil your destiny and sacrifice your mind and body for the purpose of Female enjoyment.

The gateway to righteousness is Gynarchy! #GynarchyLife


slaves will be assigned each day to a Dominant who will be your Owner for the day. 

The weekend will begin with the slave initiation process and the remainder of the weekend will be filled with #chorewhore tasks, slave games, involving both indoor and outdoor play, silver service meals for the Ladies and evening play sessions for all.

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Mornings will involve a group line up and unique cleaning procedure, supervised by selected Mistresses.

The meals throughout the weekend will be prepared and served by slave hands.

slaves will be permitted to help themselves to water refreshment whenever necessary and instructed by the Mistresses on when they may eat.

Throughout the course of the weekend slaves may also be expected to participate / be part of the following:

  • FemDom challenges, games and play for the Ladies amusement yielding rewards for winning slave’s Mistress and punishment for the losing slaves.
  • Performing Mistress worship and pamper activities such as foot rubs, massages etc
  • Being functional to the Mistresses in the capacity of human furniture, human ashtray or similar on command as the Ladies see fit / need (within consensual limits)
  • Servitude for the Mistresses at meal times ensuring that all the Ladies are looked after and served to the highest standard